March 60 Second Impact

March 60 Second Impact

March 2010 –

Estimated Reading Time: 60 Seconds
60 Second Articles:

  1. How Important Is It To Be Listed On Google’s First Page?
  2. The Super Bowl Revisited: Do You Remember Any Of The Ads?
  3. The 60 Second Close: Putting The Package Together

1. How Important Is It To To Be Listed On Google’s First Page?


  • It’s quite an accomplishment if you’ve been fortunate enough to have your Web site land a spot on the first page of Google’s search results. You’ve likely beat out thousands of other sites, all competing for that coveted top 10.
  • It’s well known that most users trust Google’s ability to provide accurate search results and, as a result, spend more time clicking on the sites on the first page of the results. Most users don’t visit the subsequent pages of search results.
  • If your company isn’t on the first page of the search results, you have to ask, “How important is it to my company to be listed in the top 10 and how much money is my company potentially losing on a daily basis by not being there?”
  • All of this leads to the importance of search engine optimization for your Web site. Although SEO plays an integral role in landing a top position, the implementation of SEO must include other components such as blogs and articles, in order to be truly effective.



2. The Super Bowl Revisited: Do You Remember Any Of The Ads?


  • It’s been more than a month since the big game and here’s the million-dollar question: “Do you remember any of the ads?”  Maybe you recall the Snickers ad with Betty White. But what about the others?
  • The Super Bowl advertisers created great brand awareness, but at the same time, they lost a huge opportunity to increase their market share.
  • It was strange that only a few sponsors mentioned their Web sites and virtually none encouraged viewers to sign up as Facebook fans or Twitter followers, or took advantage of lucrative mobile opportunities.
  • These companies missed out on sales-building opportunities. They could have collected names, e-mail addresses or mobile phone numbers of their fans and followed up with promotional events throughout the year.
  • Make sure you don’t miss out on golden opportunities to collect information about your customers so you can continue to connect with them and develop long-term relationships.


3. The 60 Second Close: Putting The Package Together

  • No one marketing element works as effectively as integrating and packaging several of them. Every message that you develop should refer to a Web site, an email sign-up page, a Facebook page or a Twitter profile. It’s the only way you can stay in touch with your customers on a regular and cost-effective basis.
  • It’s our responsibility to make sure that your messages resonate on a variety of online channels so you can develop long-term relationships with your customers. It’s part of our “fast forward” strategy.