Navigating the Digital Media Landscape – The Social Layer

Navigating the Digital Media Landscape – The Social Layer

We had the pleasure of recently attending the BOLO 2012 conference this year and as expected,   came away with some great insight into the ever-emerging trends of the Digital Marketing Landscape.  Here is one of our favorites:

SOCIAL IS A LAYER that is deeply integrated into the fabric of our daily life, and it sits along side all marketing channels and throughout the Sales/Marketing funnel.  Social is here to stay and it plays an extremely important role in the customer journey.

Just as customers expect brands and businesses to have a website, there is also an expectation that information about brands and businesses be accessible from various digital mediums including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Blogs.

Find the media mix that works for your brand and create content that matters to your customers.  Remember, Social is not a CHANNEL – it’s a LAYER!

It’s a jungle out there – come back often to find helpful tips on navigating the digital media landscape.