The Mobile Consumer

The Mobile Consumer


In today’s complex marketing landscape, it is increasingly difficult to capture your share of consumer attention.  If your business is in business to make money (and who isn’t) then one of the best ways to sell whatever it is that you are selling is with mobile marketing.

“Don’t leave home without it” may be the iconic American Express slogan but it also applies to the way we feel about our phones….a primary device for shopping, searching and sharing.  Not surprising is the fact that mobile internet usage is projected to overtake desktop internet usage by 2014according to Microsoft Tag.

Considering that one half of all local searches are on mobile devices, it makes sense to make sure your business is providing a convenient customer experience, including a mobile friendly website, mobile-optimized emails and SMS campaigns.

Ultimately, mobile communication gives brands the ability to provide relevant, contextual information and offers and the promise of a one-to-one rather than one-to-many relationship.

What’s your mobile marketing strategy?